Blockchain in E-commerce – conference

September 17, 2018 at 1:57 pm

Aligato Conference 7/8.11.2018 Warsaw

Hello Community,

We would like to share a short memo form our conference which was held on the 7th of November in Warsaw.

We had many lectures during the day who uttering many subjects such like:

  • How to carry out analysis of ICO projects and reduce the risk of investing in scams the lecture of this was well know Daria Gaca. She is a ICO advisor and Marketing Analyst.
  • Blockchain, smart contract in e-commerce was talked by Rafał Kiełbus our Blockchain Developer.
  • New Technologies in e-commerce by Mariusz Wesolowski.
  • Among other lectures were: Marcin Wenus, Mike Satishi, Kornelia Piech, Jacek Dudzic

We have had a presentation by our CEO Adrian Dymarczyk and COO Bartek Juraszek they presented our plans and realization of our ICO, they also presented our new version of Aligato 2.0 Announcement was place that we are going to launch Aligato 2 to a public end of this month. We also can share that we signed contracts with new others companies: Dotpay and Bluemedia for making an electronic payments. Integration is ongoing with more companies to start new payment gateways for Aligato.

We can also share with you that Aligato its not fully in the hand of Aligato anymore, our participants investor at the conference were able to purchase shares. So now Aligato is also in hands with them.

Soon we are going to announcement of new exchange and entry dates.

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Adrian Dymarczyk – CEO

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